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Our About Us Security Guards page is here to give you information on who we are. The United States of America is changing. Even in our neighborhoods, more and more citizens and property need protection when it comes to safety and security. It can often feel like there still are not enough security guards.

There are more than 700,000 police officers in America. However, there are more than a million security guards and that number will continue to grow. 

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What Do Security Guards Do?

Security guards do everything from patrolling malls, retail establishments, and protecting property to guarding armored car shipments. Security guards work wherever people and assets are in need of protection. They’re an incredibly important part of America’s safety network.

We Want to Help You Join Them

My name is Joe and I’ve teamed up with a pair of working and experienced security guards. Subsequently, they have 30 years of experience between them. In short, we want to make this Help Center your one-stop shop.  We want to help you learn how to become a security guard.

Thus, if you have the dedication, we’ll give you the knowledge you need.  Not to just get the job as a security guard, but to be one of the best security guards.  With our help, you can do great things to help keep America safe.

We’ll talk about training and the requirements to be a security guard. They vary from state to state.  Some states require a high school diploma or GED. If you’re looking to own your own security firm one day, some states require an advanced degree.

In addition, we’ll talk about what it’s like to be a security guard. It’s an important job, and not always glamorous. It can often be difficult and thus, we’ll help you figure out the steps to take.


Everything is easier in hindsight. With our thirty years of experience, everything from private security—including bodyguard duty—is hindsight. We will use our hindsight which will give you the foresight to have a rewarding career as a security guard.

In conclusion, we’ll be posting resources covering all aspects of what it takes to become a security guard. If you think you’ve got what it takes, sign up for our notification list and you won’t miss a thing.

P. S.

Oh, and we’ll be offering some special bonuses for those who sign up early. Bonuses like free training, resume help, coaching for interviews, and the like. If you’re serious about this, you’ll want to sign up immediately.  So let’s get started!


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