Security Guard Training in New York

Security Guard Training in New York

Becoming a security guard is always an interesting job because it provides you with the opportunity to protect people. You must have excellent security guard skills to perform this job. Like most of the states, New York also asks you to get a security guard license before getting a security guard job. In New York, if you are employed to observe and report unlawful activity, protect people & their property, or patrol streets, you need a security license for this purpose. Today, we’ll discuss how to get the mandatory security guard training in New York.

Basic Requirements for Becoming a Security Guard in New York

  1. You must be 18 years old.
  2. Must be a citizen or resident alien of the US.
  3. Undergo a criminal history background check from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  4. Submit fingerprints using L-1 Enrollment Services. The Department of State – Division of Licensing Service helps you in scanning the fingerprints and provides you the receipt to attach with your application.
  5. Train at a State-certified school. Get a pre-assignment 8-hour training course. It is important to complete this training before applying for the Security Guard Registration Card of the Department of State.

How to Submit the Security Guard Licensing Application

After you have completed your initial 8-hour training, get the application for becoming a security guard from the official website of the NYS Division of Licensing Services. In this application, you will need to provide personal information, show that you meet the requirements, and provide other documents that are needed. It also includes your 8-hour training certificate.

If you already have a job lined up and this job depends on getting the license, there would be a section in the application form for your employer to fill out as well.

Registration Fee Structure

  • Security Guard Registration Fee = $36.00.
  • Renewal Fee (after every two years) = $25.00.

You will have to pay the fee in the form of a cashier’s check, money order, or a company check to the NY Department of State. It does not accept credit card, cash, or personal checks.

Fingerprint Fee Structure

  • Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Fee = $75.00
  • FBI Fee = $19.25
  • Fingerprint Vendor Fee = $11.50

       Total Fee = 105.75

You can pay this fee with your credit card, check, or money order.

Security License NY

Security Guard Training Hours

Complete the 16 Hours On-the-Job Training

Within the first 90 days of working as a security guard, you will have to complete the additional 16-hours on-the-job training. This training prepares you for the duties and responsibilities of security guards. For this reason, it is important to complete this training on the job because most of it is related to your regular job.

Complete the Additional 8 Hour Maintenance Training

Besides the early training you received, you also have to complete the 8 hours annual in-service training to keep your registration valid. This training reviews all the basic information from your previous training. In addition, it updates you about the changes for the annual renewal. Therefore, you will have to complete this training within the 12 months of completing the 16-hours on-the-job training.

License Renewal

In New York, you have to renew your security guard license every two years. Thus, the NY Department of State will mail you a renewal form 90 days before your license expiration date.

While applying for renewing a license, attach all the documents from the annual training courses and a $25.00 renewal fee. However, you must renew your license at least six months after the expiration date.  Consequently, if you don’t, you’ll have to re-apply and re-qualify for the license.


As you have read the steps for Security Guard Training in New York are easy to understand and complete. Remember, for further help, feel free to contact us ([email protected]).  Also, the Experienced Security Guard Training Help Center website has many other resources to help you in your search to become a security guard. Don’t forget to fill out our Sign up Form so you can stay up to date on How To Become A Security Guard!


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