Security Guard Requirements in Illinois

Security Guard Requirements in Illinois

Illinois has a lot of industries, including the increase in agriculture. As a result, this growth creates a strong need for security guards.  The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation manages all the matters regarding security guard licensing. Following are the security guard requirements in Illinois.

Unarmed Security Guard Requirements

The unarmed security guard requirements in Illinois are a bit different from other states. Thus, before applying, you have to get a PERC Card (Permanent Employee Registration Card).  This card serves many purposes for security guard requirements in Illinois which are:

  • Proof of age
  • Social security number
  • Your photo ID
  • Submission to fingerprinting
  • Appropriate security clearance documents

After receiving your PERC Card,  you have to complete 20 hours of security guard training. Also, training must be completed during the first 30 days on the job.

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The total fee for becoming an unarmed security guard is $55.00.

Guards employed by private security contract agencies will need an additional eight hours of training within their first six months.

Armed Security Guard Requirements

In order to become an armed security guard in Illinois, you should:

  • Be at least 21 years or older
  • Complete the Illinois state-required unarmed PERC security guard training
  • Provide passport-style photos
  • Submit a set of fingerprints on a standard FBI fingerprint card
  • Have no conviction of a felony, sexual offense, or any crime that would question your honesty and integrity
  • Also, complete the state-required training course

The topics covered in the training course of an armed security guard are:

  • The use of firearms
  • Liability
  • Use of force
  • Search procedures, and more

The total fee for an armed security guard is $55.00.

You will have to renew the armed security guard license every three years. Hence, the license shall be renewed upon proof that you are pre-qualified on the firing range. It must be within one year preceding the renewal date. In addition, you must also provide proof of your employment by the agency where the card was issued.

In summary, if you need further information about this topic, feel free to contact Experienced Security Guard Training Help Center.  Also, check out the FAQs section for finding answers to additional questions. Finally, you may read the other articles present on this website that are similar to this topic.

Licensing Body: Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

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