Security Guard Requirements for the state of Idaho

Security Guard Requirements in Idaho

The county clerk’s office handles security guard requirements.  Thus, the security guard requirements in Idaho are somewhat different than in other states.  There are no particular requirements to become an unarmed security guard in Idaho and armed security guards are not governed by the state. Therefore, the security guard requirements vary depending on the county you live in.

Multiple Idaho cities regulate the security industry. They use different titles for security personnel. Requirements vary slightly from city to city:

First, Boise licenses patrol services and patrol agents ( Prospective).

Individuals who provide security for special events are exempt from licensing requirements but must have background checks. Likewise, insurance policies and bonds must be covered.  Also, agents must hold bonds if they are not covered by an employer’s bond.

Second, Idaho Falls licenses private patrol services and private patrol persons ( Like many jurisdictions, Idaho Falls makes some individuals exempt from licensure. In Idaho Falls, guards are exempted if they are employed by “interstate or intrastate carriers”.

  • The minimum age is 21.
  • Patrol persons must be citizens. Individuals are ineligible if they have been convicted of felonies or of other violent and immoral crimes.
  • Security services and patrol persons are to have their services guaranteed through bonds and insurance policies.

Third, Lewiston licenses security guard services and individual security guards. The license service must provide a list of employees and carry out background checks.

Last, security guards in other cities should check with their city clerks.

Unarmed Security Guard Requirements

The common requirements for becoming an unarmed security guard in Idaho include:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalency.
  • Cannot have any prior felony convictions or any crime involving the illegal use of weapons.  Also, cannot have recent convictions for felonies or for misdemeanors involving dishonesty or theft.  Thus, any sentence must have been completed at least three years prior to

Armed Security Guard Requirements

The requirements for becoming an armed security guard in Idaho are as follows:

  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalency.
  • Have an Idaho driver’s license.
  • Pass a background check and drug test.
  • Have good moral character.
  • Must be in good physical condition.
  • Have work experience of at least one year as an unarmed security guard.
  • Must have a good work record.
  • Also, firearms training varies based on the county.

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