Top Five Interview Tips

We are veteran security guards and here are the top five interview tips you need to know for nailing an interview.  You’ve got your first security guard job interview and now it’s do-or-die time.  After all, an interview is your only chance to make an excellent first impression on a potential employer.  You must make every second of an interview count.

Security Guard Interview Tip 1:  Research the Organization

What do you know about the company with whom you are interviewing?  Tip 1 of the top five interview tips:  research the company.  The interviewer wants to know if you have a real interest in helping the company succeed.  Show interest by knowing what challenges the company faces and how you can help.

Candidates forget to research potential employers so much that Forbes lists it among one of its top job interview killers.  Therefore, do your homework on the company before you arrive for your appointment!

Security Guard Interview Tip 2:  Perfect Your Resume

Tip 2 of the top 5 interviewing tips:  your resume must be well written and organized.  Check your grammar and spelling.  Proofread it, set it down for a while and again, proofread it!  A well written and organized resume will really make you stand out from the pack.  Also, customize your resume for the job you’re applying for.  Customizing will demonstrate why you are the perfect candidate for the security guard position.

Additionally, when you discuss your experience (on your resume and at the interview), don’t simply list where you worked and when.  Discuss the problems you noticed and how you solved them successfully.

Security Guard Interview Tip 3:  Dress the Part      Dress up for a job interview

Tip 3, dress in business attire for your interview.  A blue, black, brown or even grey business suit shows you seriously take this job.  Your shoes should be polished and your hair should be cut and neat.  Women should wear very little jewelry and keep their makeup to a minimum.  Men should keep their jewelry to only a watch.  Faces should be cleanly shaven.  In addition, keep mustaches and beards neat and trimmed.  Hair should look neat, trimmed and evenly cut.  Try to avoid the “man buns!”  As a result, this professional look shows the employer you are putting their needs and rules first.  Now you look as good as your resume and together you are representing yourself in a professional manner.

Security Guard Interview Tip 4:  Professionalism Includes Attitude

Professionalism is Tip 4.  Professionalism is one of the most important requirements for a security guard position.  It is more than just looking good.  Dressing the part gives you a good first impression at your interview.  Besides dressing the part, having and showing a positive attitude only enhances you as the total package of professionalism!  If you don’t care enough to go the extra mile to make an excellent first impression for the interview, how does that inspire confidence that you’ll be a true professional on the job?  Think about it.

Security Guard Interview Tip 5:  Sharpen Your Problem-Solving Skills

Can you deal with two situations at the same time?  Can you prioritize?  Are you a good negotiator when dealing with difficult people?  Remember, a security guard’s responsibilities commands mental sharpness and physical strength.  Subsequently, you will need to demonstrate effectively how you would de-escalate a situation.  Thus, Tip 5 is for you to be prepared for the interviewer to ask tough questions to really test your ability to solve problems on the fly, so be ready.

In Conclusion

Now, are there only 5 top interviewing tips to help you get hired?  Of course not, but these 5 top interviewing tips will help get you started in the right direction.  Experienced Security Guard Training Help Center will have even more in-depth information on all kinds of questions you’ll likely be faced with in a security guard job interview.

In fact, we have the best way to answer those interview questions.  For now, do your homework and start polishing up on the above top five interview tips.  Also, make sure to watch out for our upcoming article called, “Complete Interview Guide for Security Guards.”  It contains additional interview questions and other helpful information to help you nail that interview!  For those who can not wait, please leave us your contact information and you can receive this valuable guide for free.



8 thoughts on “Top Five Interview Tips

  1. Eli Richardson

    It is true that showing a positive attitude enhances professionalism. One of my dad’s friends has been thinking of getting a second job as a security guard. This will really help him achieve his interview for the right position.

    1. securityguardsplus1 Post author

      Hi Eli and Thank you for visiting our website. Please have your DAD’s friend join our email list! In fact, please tell your DAD’s friend about our website: Experienced Security Guard Training Help Center ( We have so much information that will help anyone seeking employment as a Security Guard! In addition, Eli, if you are interested in Guest Posting on our website, please feel free to let us know. We would love to do the same! Have a great day!

  2. Stacie J.

    I would have never thought that “problem solving skills” would be of the utmost importance in this field- good to know! Just curious- are there many female security guards? I may have seen a few in the past, but I almost always see males. Do you think a company is more likely to hire a male? To me I would think it’s an equal opportunity because there are numerous female police officers.

    1. securityguardsplus1 Post author

      Our research shows that the Security Field for unarmed security guards breaks down to 56% males and 44% females (approximately).
      Security Companies will hire anyone who meets all of the Security Guard Requirements.

      Problem-solving skills are transferrable skills and they are important to know regardless of who you are or what you do.

  3. Colby

    So should a guy have short hair then? What if I have long hair?

    Is clean shaven preferable to a neatly trimmed beard and mustache?

    I need to check out that Forbes Job Interview Killers List!

    1. securityguardsplus1 Post author

      Hi Colby

      In general, faces should be cleanly shaven. In addition, keep mustaches and beards neat and trimmed. Hair should look neat, trimmed and evenly cut. Try to avoid the “man buns!” For men and even women, many Security Companies suggest that hair should not be longer than the collar on your shirt. If a women’s hair is shoulder length or longer, it is suggested to tie it up in a Ponytail. Each Security Company may have its own set of Grooming Procedures that you should research BEFORE you apply for a Security Guard Position. On a personal note, one of our staff members, who is a Supervisor at one of the largest Security Companies, suggests that you do not go to an interview with shoulder-length or longer hair.

  4. Rick Merrill

    I think the thing that would make me the most anxious would be having to answer the questions on the spot on how to de-escalate the situation. Do you have a list of common sceneries and preferable answer examples that I could look over? Or maybe you could do a post on it in the future?

    1. securityguardsplus1 Post author

      Rick, here is one tip:


      1. Take a deep breath and just pause for a few seconds.
      2. Answer or respond in a rational way rather than in an emotional way.
      3. Don’t forget that YOU have nothing to prove (don’t let your ego play a part in any scenario.)
      4. If not immediately, or as quickly as you can, decide on the value of the argument and the end result.
      5. If at all possible, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and really strive to keep an open mind.
      6. Learn to disagree with respect & find common ground.
      7. All of this may only take seconds and as the security guard, you must remain calm, non-threatening and in total control of the situation.

      Rick, you will learn other techniques during your training. We will also give some thought to writing a blog about De-escalating Techniques. Thanks for the suggestion.


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