Resource Services To Help You

Resource Services to Help You

Experienced Security Guard Help Center has Resource Services to Help You during your journey of learning how to become a Security Guard.  Please take the time to read all of our articles and look at all of the videos and listen to the audios that we have provided for you. Our Resource Services contain valuable and helpful information that you will find easy to understand and to use.



First, resume help. We have joined forces with an excellent and capable resume service. We also have a person here at who can help you with your immediate resume needs by answering your questions. For an extremely reasonable fee, we can have your resume typed and delivered back to you. In addition, read the following articles right on this website:

    • 4 Different Types of Resumes
    • 3 Expert Tips to Design a Winning Resume
    • Security Guard Resume


Second, we have articles about how to prepare for an interview. Please make sure you sign up for our interviewing tips. You will find them extremely valuable.  In addition, make sure you read the following articles:

    • Reasons to Have A Professional Attitude for a Job Interview
    • 5 Tips to Research the Organization Before Your Job Interview
    • Complete Interview Guide for Security Guards


Third, do not bypass the articles on customer-service. You need to know about customer service.

Next on our list of Resource Services to Help You is a Video entitled:

    • No Ged and 38

This video is for those of you who do not have your GED as of yet. Take a listen to it!  It just might inspire you to at least start thinking about getting that GED!

Fourth, a list of Approved and Revoked Training Schools

Also, in the near future, we will have a list of approved Training Schools for anyone interested in making sure the school they attend has all of the proper certifications.

In conclusion, if you need additional resource help, please use our Contact Form on our Contact Us Page. We will be more than happy to assist you in your journey to learn how to become a security guard.