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5 Tips to Research the Organization Before Your Job Interview

Nothing irritates potential employers more than when they ask the candidates about their company and they have no knowledge about it. Many times, the employers ask the candidates “What do you know about the company?” just to eliminate the unprepared candidates from the list and give a chance to the ones who are more serious about that particular job position. One of the best tips for a job interview is to research the organization and have significant knowledge about it.

If you are serious about a job interview, you can’t afford to leave any rock unturned. It is important to always take some time out for learning about the organization. In this era, it has become easier than ever to know about a company before the interview. When you have unlimited resources available for getting information, there’s just no excuse to justify yourself for not knowing about the company.

Tips to Research the Organization for a Job Interview

  1. Visit the website of the company. Read their mission statement, vision, and history. Know about their products & services as well as management.
  2. Check the social media accounts of the company. This will give you a good idea about how the company interacts with its consumers. These pages will provide you with information that you may not have found on their website.
  3. Do look for the company on Glassdoor. Browse its Section on Reviews and Interview questions to find the goldmine of information that can help you during your interview.
  4. If you know someone who works at the same company where you are going for an interview, contact them to know more about the culture of the company.
  5. After collecting good information about the organization, you should also look for the company’s biggest competitors, achievements, and flaws. This will give you an edge during the interview.


6 thoughts on “5 Tips to Research the Organization Before Your Job Interview

  1. Stacie J.

    You’re so right, like in this day and time, how could you NOT learn about the company you are being interviewed by! We have all the info at our fingertips these days.

    1. securityguardsplus1 Post author

      Stacie J, I agree. Hopefully, all of our readers know to do this because they read our articles!

  2. Colby

    I’m worried I may come across too “robotic” sounding when talking about my knowledge of a company, as if I were just repeating facts and they were just recited purely to look educated and not because I sincerely cared to learn. How can I make this more conversational and laid back sounding if they ask me to tell what I know about the company?

    1. securityguardsplus1 Post author

      Great question Colby, but you are overthinking this. You don’t need to rehearse an essay. You might just say something like, in researching XYZ Security Company, I noticed that you have a section that deals with the Homeless. Then you might say, my church, my (whatever) cares for the homeless by giving them free blankets, socks, medical exams, etc. Nothing major. Or if they have a new Division opening up, name that Division! You are showing interest as well as letting the Interviewer know about your knowledge of the company!

  3. Rick Merrill

    This is so true. I think many people get so caught up in focusing on themselves and their own skills and how they portray themselves that they often don’t even think about looking up the company. I also think some people might apply to so many jobs that it might not cross their mind to look into the company before even applying and also after they get an interview. They may be so happy to have gotten an interview that they subconsciously forget about learning more about the company that’s going to interview them. I always learned in school it’s good for the person being interviewed to ask a question about the company to show interest, however I don’t think it stressed enough that the person needs to also research the company too. It’s certainly easier these days to research companies online and such.

    1. securityguardsplus1 Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Rick! If you think about it though, how would you know what question to ask unless you read something about the company? We didn’t call reading about the company research, but it was. Every one of our Security Guards and contributors on Staff definitely researched their individual companies. In this age of technology, if you really want to be a security guard, keep track of the companies you are applying to and do some kind of research on them. That Research helped our guards. Needless to say that it shows you are serious about the company and it also shows you have a desire to become an employee.


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