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How to Perfect Your Resume for Job Interviews

Your resume serves as your personal promotional advertisement where you sell your skills and experience. A professional employer can judge your resume in seconds and decide whether to call you for the interview or not. The recruiters get hundreds of job applications every day and the candidates who know the art of creating a resume win the chance to be interviewed. Before going for a job interview, you should always perfect your resume to get noticed in a few seconds.

4 Ways to Perfect Your Resume

  1. Select the Right Resume Type

There are four types of resumes: chronological, targeted, combinational, and functional. While creating a resume, you should choose the right type depending on your situation.

  1. Make it Easy to Read

Design your resume in a way that makes it easy to read. Avoid all kinds of grammar and language mistakes because these mistakes create a really bad impression on the recruiter or hiring manager.  Also, choose an appropriate font and writing style. As mentioned above, there are different resume types. The Targeted resume is always tailored to the job you are applying for.  In addition, make sure the resume can be edited and adjusted according to the different criteria of companies.

  1. Highlight Your Skills and Expertise

Remember to highlight your achievement, skills, and expertise. You definitely want the potential employer to notice them. Add qualities that make you unique. But don’t exaggerate while writing about yourself. Stay humble and write the only the truth.

  1. Be Careful About the Length of Resume

While creating a resume, you should be very careful about the length of it. Don’t add unnecessary and irrelevant information that does not apply to the position. If your professional experience is 10 years or more, your resume should not be more than 2 pages. If you have more than 10 years of professional experience, use only the first 10 years. The exception of this would be if all of those years of experience is related to the new position you are applying. Subsequently, if you are a recent graduate or have little to no experience, a one-page resume will be just fine.


6 thoughts on “How to Perfect Your Resume for Job Interviews

  1. Stacie J.

    So is Times New Roman the standard for font to use on the resume?

    I think some people forget that the first impression really is the resume! So if it’s not looking professional, chances are the person will not be called!

    1. securityguardsplus1 Post author

      I would suggest any of the following fonts:
      Times New Roman

      Sizes: 10 – 12

      You are correct! An unprofessionally looking resume will just be thrown in the trash.

  2. Colby

    Do you think it’s okay to use a bit of color on the resume? Maybe just an embellishment along the top that’s a solid color?

    1. securityguardsplus1 Post author

      What is the purpose of the bit of color? If you were applying for a Graphic Designer or some kind of a Creative Arts position, then perhaps, yes. I have seen those types of resumes and they look beautiful. Those types of resumes literally show the actual work of the Designer or Artist. What would the embellishment show or tell about you (as a Security Guard?) So, my answer is No, it’s not okay to use a bit of color or embellishment. Your written words will showcase why you are perfect for the job.

  3. Rick Merrill

    You had mentioned on another page that having good customer service skills was a good quality for being a security guard. If I had a regular customer service job within the last ten years, should this be on my resume to get a security guard position? I worked at a customer service desk at a popular big box store.

    1. securityguardsplus1 Post author

      Yes, your customer service skills at a popular big box store should definitely be put on your resume. Customer-service abilities are Transferable Skills! It would be an excellent idea if you had written down how you applied those customer service abilities.


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