Incident Report Writing for Security Guards


Is Incident Report Writing Important?

Is Incident Report Writing for security guards an important skill to have? What do security guards do? Well, they protect people, places, and things. For security companies, they choose individuals and try to match their skills to a role. Therefore, if you want to be a good security guard, incident report writing is a necessary skill.  The position you receive depends on your skills. However, there’s one task that no one can get away from. That task is incident report writing. Why? Because it’s an important part of the job of a security guard.

Picture this: what If someone causes a problem to that person, place, or thing that you’re protecting? It is important to report this incident.  If you can’t fill out an incident report properly, it will cause numerous headaches for others.  The lack of this ability may hold you back as a security guard. Communicating in writing what you observed is a great skill!

Pay Attention to All of the Details 

Once the event has passed, write down everything you remember. Even if it’s on a notepad.  Jot down every detail, even if you think it is not important.  We recommend the following:

  • The time of the call to authorities
  • Which security guard spoke to authorities
  • Any other party involved
  • The arrival Time of all Supervisors

Incident Report Writing–The Actual Typing

Firstly,  you will only complete a correct report if you paid close attention to the incident itself. The accuracy of the report depends on if you remember the details, including what you did. If you can’t remember basic information, your report will definitely lack the correct details.

Secondly, can another person actually read your incident report if initially, it is handwritten?

Thirdly, how is your spelling?  Use the spellcheck tool on your computer to make sure your incident report writing is free of errors.  Make sure to proofread the report before giving it to your Supervisor.

Sometimes, incidents go to court. The more you remember, the more likely you are to receive compensation from insurance (or prosecute guilty parties).  Guards must remember the details. Also, it’s important for them to remember the events in the right order. The order of events is very serious for insurance claims and in evidence for a court case.

What Does Incident Report Writing Include? 

Remember, incident reports are an important part of the job of a security guard. Both thinking and communication skills are also important. Guards must be attentive during the incident.  They must be able to recall and communicate events afterward.

To keep things easier, we recommend filling out an incident report as soon as possible after the event takes place. It’s much harder to remember details the next day (let alone next week or month!). Also, don’t cut back on the details. Even when they seem insignificant, write it down. Completely fill out the entire incident report correctly.

Last Word about Incident Report Writing

In conclusion, if you have this skill, you become more attractive to clients and employers. Improve this skill today and you’ll be rewarded. If you need help, there’s no shame in asking for it. You might have a supervisor or colleague that is known for good incident report writing. Simply ask for advice and they will normally provide it. This willingness to learn is something else that’s appreciated by employers.


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