Government Security Jobs

Government Security Jobs

Are you thinking about working in government security? We’ve got Government Security Jobs information that you should know about in this article.

Government Security Jobs Clearance

Firstly, it’s easy to get confused by the different clearance levels. In total, there are three levels of clearances. They are:

  • Confidential
  • Secret
  • Top Secret

Secondly, does every government job require a security clearance? No, it does not. A security clearance is important when confidentiality is required.  However, in case you were wondering, security clearance is important for a number of reasons. For example, the government needs to ensure employees can keep important information confidential.

Lastly, if you are considering a security guard job within the government, you must pass a security clearance. With Top Secret as the lowest clearance level, these vacancies will have the lowest demands. Top Secret jobs are ideal if you’re taking the first step on this career ladder. On the other hand, those jobs with a Confidential Marking will have an investigation that goes much deeper into your qualifications.

Usually, there is a general citizenship rule for working in the United States.  However, candidates with specific skills for specific positions may pass the application process regardless of their nationality.  Once an individual is granted clearance, they have access to information classified up to their Security Level. As a security guard, the Bureau of Human Resources will decide how much access an individual requires. Meanwhile, other data will remain confidential.

The Application Process for Government Security Jobs

You won’t have to worry about government clearance until you actually receive an offer for a job where clearance is required. Furthermore, it’s not something you will do yourself. If you’re offered a job, the Bureau of Human Resources will start the process.   Thus, the investigation will begin.

Now, what if you want to move to a different agency? In many cases, this is possible. However, you will have to meet the new agency’s requirements. Another common question is whether family members are subject to such security and clearance checks. This will depend on the situation, so ask the agency during the interview process.

Reasons for Rejection

There are several reasons for rejection from the application process. The reasons are as follows:

  • Criminal activity
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Questions about drug consumption
  • Questionable alcohol consumption
  • Negative foreign influence

Oftentimes, delay in processing an application is because of the following:

  • An incomplete security package
  • Problems with the investigation
  • Poor fingerprint reading


Let’s say you’re applying for DOD security clearance and are rejected, what happens? Before anything else, you will get an opportunity to appeal. You can potentially clarify or correct a problem. If you still need help or assistance, call us on (596) 209-4737 or join our email list!

Government Security Job Vacancies

One other thing you need to know about government security jobs is where to find them. The internet is a wonderful place, but finding vacancies is a real pain at times. We recommend searching through four main agencies:

  • NSA———-National Security Agency
  • FEMA——–Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • TSA———-Transportation Security Agency
  • DHS———Department of Homeland Security

Rather than going on a third-party website, visit the official pages of each. Here, you’ll learn what they do. You will learn whether they have vacancies, and what each job requires. As an example,  has a very good career’s page. They explain the benefits of working at FEMA:

  • Diversity,
  • Inclusion
  • Job opportunities

Remember to set up Job Alerts that matches your needs.


Finally, if you need additional help or have any other questions about Government Security Jobs, or anything else that you have seen on our website, please feel free to call us on (586) 209-4737 or sign up on our email list. We are here to help you to become a Security Guard.


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