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Thank you for visiting our website.  We have tried to anticipate questions that might be on your mind before you decide to read any of our wonderful articles, blogs or listen to our videos and audios. So we have prepared the following frequently asked questions.

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions:

1. Is your website an Employment Agency?

No, Experienced Security Guard Training Help Center does not provide any jobs and thus, is not an employment agency. We give you an opportunity to boost your Security Guard skills, get to know about Security Guard responsibilities and gain enough knowledge to become a Security Guard or even start your own security firm. How do we do that? We offer you Online Security Guard Help that will answer all your Security Guard questions and meet your needs.  However, as often as we can, we will give you links to job openings.

2.  Is a Security Officer the same as a Security Guard?

Yes and no. Numerous licensing agencies do not differentiate between the two terms and use them interchangeably. However, certain agencies try to avoid the word “Officer” when speaking about Security Guards, as people might confuse them with being police officers. Please be aware that in contrast to police officers, Security Guards can be “armed” as well as “unarmed.” Therefore, we prefer using the term “Security Guard”.

3  What is a Guard Card and does an Armed Security Guard need one?

Guard Card
Guard Card CA

A Guard Card proves your competence in the field of security guarding and shows that you are a certified Security Guard. In order to obtain a Guard Card, you are required to pass an eight-hour training course, and additional hours of training will be necessary. The requirements concerning the Guard Card are different in various states. For instance, in the State of California, you must receive a Guard Card through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) to work as a Security Guard. In order to get more information about Guard Card requirements in other States please visit this website [https://experiencedsecurityguardtraininghelpcenter.com].

4. Do I need to have Security Guard Training before I become a Security?

No, it is not a must as certain companies provide corporate training for Security Guards. However, specialists highly recommend taking Security Guard Training Courses before applying to Security Guard vacancies as it will make you a more competitive candidate and increase your chances of getting a job. The Security Guard Training Information offered by Experienced Security Guard Training Help Center will enable you to become a great candidate who will be able to multitask and be an efficient employee.

5. Can you teach me how to become an Armed Security Guard?    Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for courses on how to become an Armed Security Guard, Experienced Security Guard Training Help Center will provide you with enough support and advice on where to obtain quality training.

6. What are PERC cards and are they necessary for every Security Guard?

Briefly, the PERC card is a Permanent Employee Registration Card and is valid in the State of Illinois. If one owns such a card, it means that one has submitted fingerprints and thus has gone through necessary federal checks. Therefore, if you live in Illinois, you will be able to start looking for security guard jobs once you have received your personal PERC card.                                         

Permanent Employee Registration Card
Permanent Employee Registration Card


7. If I have a felony, can I still become a Security Guard?

Yes, it is still possible. However, if you have ever been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor, your opportunities in getting a Security Guard job can be quite limited, especially if it was a serious crime. Nevertheless, the government of the State of California, for instance, enables former criminals to obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation. This Certificate helps to lower the chances of denial due to your felony or misdemeanor record. Generally, having a felony or a misdemeanor does not take away the opportunity of receiving a Guard Card from BSIS that carefully investigates every case separately. Therefore, do not give up and continue to see how we can help you!

8. What are some security guard skills and requirements?

Among the Security Guard skills and responsibilities required by most of the Security Companies are the following:

  • Ensure the security of all doors, gates, and windows of premises.
  • Patrol the premises in order to detect any criminal activity and intrusion.
  • Respond to alarms in a timely manner.
  • Control and authorize the entrance of employees, visitors or any other involved individuals.
  • Daily report on activities and unusual occurrences.
  • Preserve order and safety by circulating among visitors/employees.
  • Drive a car or any other means of transport to deliver individuals to a certain destination or patrol the premises.
  • Inspect and maintain security systems.
  • Immediately contact emergency services in case of an accident or emergency.

This is not the full list of Security Guard skills and responsibilities. Certain agencies and businesses provide additional requirements for their Security Guards. Please keep in mind that you can acquire all the information needed from Experienced Security Guard Training Help Center.

9. Is Authorization required to provide Security Guard Training?

Experienced Security Guard Help Center does not offer or provide security guard training. A license is not required. We offer information on how to become a security guard. We want to walk you through the process of what to do step-by-step                             Frequently Asked Questions

10. What are the requirements to become a Security Guard?

Experienced Security Guard Help Center has extensive and detailed posts that cover every aspect and requirements of what it takes to become a Security Guard. Whether you are just graduating high school, getting out of the armed forces, or as a mature person, looking for a career change, you are welcome to read all the informative resources on our site. You will learn Security Guard skills and responsibilities, write your resume, interviewing tips and a host of other important information in order to get an insight into the field.

11. What are my career opportunities after undertaking the Online Security            Guard Training

Most of our visitors choose the most reliable and stable option, which is to become an employee of an organization looking for a Security Guard. It can be a shopping mall, a business center, or a school. Also, you can find employment at a Contract Company providing Security Guards on a temporary basis.

12.  Can I buy courses from you?

No, Experienced Security Guard Help Center is aimed at providing recommendations for those who are looking for Security Guard Training opportunities in order to become a Security Guard in the future. But we will have eBooks for sale in the near future.

13.  Do I need special equipment to complete the Online Security Guard                      Training?

As a rule, no special equipment is needed to complete Online Security Guard Training courses. However, we strongly recommend that you specify this question before your enrollment to a course. Certain equipment might be needed for additional practice in order to understand the Security Guard skills and responsibilities.

14. I’m now in high school. Can I enroll in Security Guard Training courses?

To be eligible for a Guard license and Security Guard Training, you must be at least 18 years old. This rule works in most States. Nevertheless, please check the regulations of your State to evaluate your opportunities.

15. How does it usually work with Online Security Guard Training?

According to our observations, many companies offer Online Security Guard Training. Their material is recorded on videos and is always accessible. Therefore, when you register at such a course, you will get lifelong access to that course’s materials. That is how you will be able to choose your own pace of studying (Udemy). However, this might not work for all firms as some of them offer courses that take place in real-time (group, video call) or in small groups with a teacher.