Does Size Matter for Security Guard Jobs?

Does Size Matter for Security Guard Jobs

Security guards need skills, but do they need to be a certain size? Does size matter for security guard jobs? This is a great question and one that is commonly asked in this industry. Whether you want to be a security guard or you’re hiring a security guard, there’s more to a good employee than the size. Therefore, it’s important to consider the following three areas!


Initially, you may think that it’s all well and good for a guard to be large in size.  However, size may be useless if you don’t know how to use it for your advantage or know what to do with it in assisting others in a non-threatening way. For security guards, training is far more important. In fact, some companies ask employees to pass physical tests. In this case, size can be a disadvantage. Rather than size alone, security guards need many skills and other attributes. In addition, companies might have more of an interest in reaction times when the guard is dealing with customers.


Oftentimes, you must consider who is the company protecting? Sometimes, a huge, intimidating guard isn’t required. Instead, the experience of the security guard is more important for the client in question. As you’ve probably noticed, every single case is different. While some jobs will require intimidation in which size does matter; others won’t need this.  Does Size Matter?


For example, in a children’s attraction, other things like showing kindness will take priority over the size of the guard (we don’t want to scare the children away or make them nervous!).

 Does Size Matter for Security Guard Jobs for Businesses

As we’ve just seen, it all depends on the situation. Let’s consider a nightclub. This is a job that encounters hundreds of people each night (many are drunk). In this case, a presence is important. The business might want to show that any misbehavior is not tolerated. Even in these scenarios, however, it’s just not only about size. Security guards still needed to have had security guard training, possess communication skills and have the ability to report incidents correctly.

Does size matter? Not as much as people think. Just because you aren’t as tall or as big as the guard at your local club, don’t assume you won’t find success. Although some jobs require size, most businesses consider the full package. This includes training, skills, and even motivation.

Even if businesses put size above everything else, they still expect training. They will also expect the individual to meet physical requirements. Therefore, the size alone will never be enough. You need to work hard to build ALL of the skills required to be a good security guard. When guards think their size will pull them through, they’re soon surprised because they neglected everything else.

Does Size Matter for Security Guard Jobs CONCLUSION

Does size matter for security guard jobs? No. Businesses are also aware that it is against the law to discriminate against someone because of their size. Whatever your size, continue to work hard, build your skillset, learn from others, and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because of your size, your goal of being a security guard is not possible! Finally, please continue to read our other articles right here on this website about Security Guard Training.  Better yet, remember to sign up to be on our email list!


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