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Customer Service Skills Will Help You Land That Job

The Secret to Getting Any Security Guard Job       Security Badge

There are a million job-hunting tips on the internet. Do this. Do that. Smile. Ask the right questions in the interview. Job and interview tips are everywhere, including this site. Many of the tips are well-meaning and probably helpful but rarely do they include informational tips about customer service.

Possessing customer service skills is just one secret to getting any security guard job. Of course, there are others. Thus, talking about customer service and its impact on the entire organization will get your interviewer’s attention.

Customer Service is Everything for Business Owners

Excellent customer service is everything for business owners.  Businesses are looking to get repeat customers. The simple reality is that it’s easier to keep a customer than to find a new one. Finding someone to give you a try is hard. However, keeping someone happy once they have become a customer is easier if the use of customer service skills is known.

With security companies, customer service is even more important. Hiring a security company isn’t like trying out a new restaurant. If you have a bad experience at a restaurant, you’re out of some money and you’ve had a bad meal. However, if a client has a bad experience with a security company because of poor customer service, it might cost you your entire business.

Security Equals Customer Service

That’s because security also includes customer service. Think about some of the tasks of a security guard. One, you may check badges. Two, a security guard may x-ray bags, or three, security rounds are made to make sure nothing has been disturbed.

What do all of these acts have in common? The Security Guard is serving the client. They’re protecting the interests of the client, the client’s operation, their employees, and their customers. That’s the job.  The security guard is there to keep people safe while they do their jobs, enjoy a concert or even a ballgame.  They are the first line of defense for employees and people doing their everyday routines. Security Guards help employees and people avoid the kind of tragedy that dominates cable news for a week.

It’s a Thin Line, but it’s Walkable

As a Security Guard, you’re probably never going to have to deal with tragedy, but you must remain prepared to deal with lesser problems. Almost everyone you interact with is going to be a perfectly normal person who has no interest in cheating the employer, causing trouble, or doing harm in any way.

Nevertheless, you’re going to encounter people who think the security measures are overblown and an inconvenience. Delays will upset some customers. You will need to know how to deal with this type of situation. You must still treat these types of customers with respect while protecting everyone else.

That’s not an easy line to walk. You have to be polite, but you have to be firm. Acknowledge that the situation is less than ideal without allowing a troublesome interaction lead you to drop your guard. Likewise, it’s on you to prevent the incident from escalating. Do not turn an annoyed person into a hostile person. That is the exact opposite of what you should do. The line is thin, but it is walkable.

Customer Service Starts With Attitude              Customer Service Security Guards

A security guard is in a position of power and authority. They have the chance to make their customers’ day better or worse just in the way they treat them. Subsequently, the guard should go into every encounter thinking that it is best to make each person’s day better.

Therefore, guards should smile. Smiling will show you are happy to see them. Also, if you’re at a long-term gig, try to remember people’s names and ask about their families. Regardless of how you may feel, smile and continue to be professional and friendly.

But do not bend the rules by being overly friendly. In today’s environment, it is important to remember all of your customer service training. Above all, remember, bending the rules for one could potentially put everyone in the building or event at risk.

It Means De-Escalating

As a security guard, you are occasionally going to be dealing with people who don’t want to be nice. They’re not just having a bad day, they’re bad people. Some people are only interested in causing trouble.

Your job is to keep them from causing trouble. Therefore, you’re going to have to fight back your urge to respond in kind. Your training in customer service will showcase your abilities to handle these types of situations.

If someone is aggressive and looking for a fight, remain calm, but firm. Call for assistance. The more uniformed security guards there are in the area, the less likely a single trouble-maker is to make trouble. Furthermore, do not do anything you wouldn’t want to have plastered all over YouTube in the morning.

Customer Service Always

In conclusion, as a security guard, everything you do is customer service. Letting someone bend the rules is not in line with your training. In addition, escalating a situation with a troublemaker is putting customers as well as yourself at risk. Allow your customer service skills to shine. Be efficient, polite, and professional. However, don’t bend the rules; they’re there for a good reason.

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