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Cruise Ship Jobs – Exciting Opportunities for Cruise Ship Security Officers

When your job does not meet your financial and social needs, you should look for a change. Therefore, you should try to find yourself a new and more exciting position!  Thus, one interesting and adventuresome field that you might consider is a job on a cruise ship. Here, you will find various job openings on a regular basis that will provide you a lot more opportunities to have the most suitable job for yourself.

Subsequently, in this article, we will focus primarily on how to become a cruise ship security officer and find the best cruise ship security officer job.

Basic Requirements for Becoming a Cruise Ship Security Officer

In order to become a security officer on a cruise ship, you must:

  • Hold a Basic Safety Course Certificate and appropriate licenses and certificates.
  • Possess intermediate to advanced level training in all aspects of security. A military or police background is preferred.
  • Successfully complete a security officer course.
  • Have a very good verbal and written command of the English language.
  • Know conflict resolution, coaching, decision making, and team-building skills.
  • Also, have the ability to work in a multicultural environment.

Additionally, keep in mind that having experience as a Security Officer or Security Guard abroad is preferred but not required.

Things to Consider Before Submitting A Cruise Ship Job Application

  • Observe the Job Vacancy

If you find out that there may be available slots for cruise ship jobs, check if the position is truly valid.  Research to find out if the company actually has security officer job openings.

See the following example from the Princess Cruise Line:

Fraudulent Cruise Employment Opportunities

We have recently been made aware of fraudulent entities around the world claiming to represent Princess Cruises as recruitment partners. In addition, we are working closely with our Security department and local police authorities in various countries to prevent individuals from wrongly representing themselves as Princess recruitment partners. Besides that, we strongly suggest that you only discuss employment opportunities with the agencies/partners listed here. Furthermore, if you have any suspicion about the nature of an ad or website claiming to recruit on behalf of Princess Cruises, please contact the approved Princess agency located nearest your place of residence.

Authorized Recruitment Partners
Please contact the recruitment agency that is closest to your permanent residence. The agencies listed below are the only agencies authorized by Princess Cruises to recruit on our behalf, and their activity is monitored by our corporate office.

  • Analyze the Requirements

Check whether the job position fits your qualifications. If yes, send an application. Your application should have a cover letter, resume, and at least two reference letters.

  • Use the Right Source to Send Application

Avoid sending your application through e-mail.  Some cruise line companies allow email submission. However, it is more professional and appreciative if you send it through the normal postal, Fed-Ex or UPS route.

 Hiring Process

The conventional hiring process of a cruise ship goes through the following phases:

  • Firstly, the employment agencies screen job applicants and perform background checks.
  • Secondly, the cruise line security directors conduct interviews of the applicants applying for top-level security positions in their home country.
  • Lastly, there are questions about hypothetical situations to test various skills of candidates.  In addition, the candidates have to pass certain writing and language tests.

Cruise Ship Security Training

There are different training courses for onboard security personnel to handle situations ranging from terrorist threats to crowd control. The ship security workers are taught to report any criminal incident that occurred at the sea.

They also get instructions from the FBI on how to collect written statements from victims, suspects, and witnesses. Besides that, they are also trained to preserve crime scenes and physical evidence.

Responsibilities of a Cruise Security Officer

The main responsibilities of a cruise ship security officer include:

  • Supervising all the entry points of the cruise ship.
  • Reporting to Staff Captain.
  • Providing on-the-job training of all subordinate security staff aboard the vessel.
  • Enforcing Captain’s standing orders and company’s rules and regulations aboard the ship, including crew members’ curfew, dress code, proper behavior, etc.
  • Performing security and safety inspections of the ship on a regular basis. These inspections ensure that appropriate security measures are maintained and all safety equipment is in proper working condition.
  • Coordinating the ship security measures with the local port security personnel at the various ports of call.
  • Conducting, as well as supervising random and scheduled searches, which includes the crews’ cabins. The entire ship is also searched as directed by the Chief Security Officer and the Staff Captain.
  • Authorizing and issuing the passes of visitors and ensuring that all visitors have left the vessel on time.
  • Supervising the search and screening of crew and guests’ luggage during embarkation and disembarkation of the vessel.
  • Performing security related briefings and training of all newly employed crew and staff members.
  • Also, scheduling regular meetings with the heads of the various departments to discuss security-related issues.
  • Lastly, making sure that all applied security measures and precautions do not interfere with the normal operation of the vessel. If performed correctly, there is minimum discomfort to guests.

Cruise Ship Security Officer Salary Range

The salary of a cruise ship public security officer ranges from $30,00.00 to $70,00.00, depending on the cruise line.  After a few years, you get promoted to higher levels depending on your performance and experience and thus, getting a raise in salary as well.

Best Cruise Ship Security Jobs 2019

Listed are some of the more popular cruise lines:

Cruise Ship Job Opportunities

Listed below, are telephone numbers of some amazing security job opportunities on cruise ships:

Disney Cruise Ship Security Job Requirements

In order to be a security officer on the Disney Cruise Line, you have to meet the following requirements:

Basic Qualification

  • Relevant investigative skills
  • Military/Police experience

Other Requirements include:

  • Genuinely interested in a career at sea and willing to live and work onboard the cruise vessel.
  • Committed to the position you are applying for at least 2-3 contracts before a transfer or promotion.
  • Willing to follow and perform safety role, emergency duties and/or associated responsibilities as specified in the ship Assembly Plan.
  • Able to uphold the general safety management responsibilities specified in the Safety Management System.
  • Follow and embrace the United States Public Health requirements and guidelines as well as Environmental requirements and Company practices.
  • Willing to be appreciative of working as well as living in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Comfortable living in a confined space with strict rules as well as regulations.
  • Also, adhere to a structured lifestyle, personally and professionally.

Documents Required for Disney Cruise Jobs

  • A valid passport and C1/D Seaman’s visa (the cruise line will provide you with documents to obtain this.)
  • Pre-employment medical check.
  • Also, obtain a criminal background check.

Following is an example of an Opened Job Position of a Disney Cruise Line


Responsibilities are the following:

  •  Maintain operational parameters of the security department.
  • Administer the protection and loss prevention philosophies of the company.
  • Support the training and development of security staff by observation, instruction, and coaching.
  • Assist the Lead Security Officer in verifying that all training requirements are met and documented.
  • Plan and organize security activities, workloads and performance standards, and operational policies and procedures.
  • Represent the Cruise Line in security matters and investigations.
  • Conduct security investigations and preparation of relevant reports.
  • Facilitate embarking and debarking port pilots operations in ports of call.
  • Assist the Captain with docking the ship by giving remaining distances to the correct docking position during arrival maneuvers.
  • Secure confidential records.
  • Report all security and company policy violations to the Staff Captain.
  • Conduct guest and crew injury investigations onboard.
  • Enforce all Disney Cruise Line company policies.
  • Other duties as prescribed by the Staff Captain and Lead Security Officer.

    Basic Qualifications:

  • Relevant investigative skills
  • Military/Police experience

The above information was taken from

Cruise Line Training Schools

Some of the best Cruise Line Training Schools are:

  1. The Travel Academy
  2. Online Travel Training

So, this was all about cruise ship jobs and the requirements to become a security officer on cruise lines. If you need further information on this topic, feel free to contact Experienced Security Guard Training Help Center. Furthermore, you may also read other articles on our website covering similar topics.

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