3 Expert Tips to Design a Winning Resume

Winning Resume

In this article, we’ll discuss 3 expert tips to design a winning resume. Did you know an employer can take an average of six seconds to scan your resume? If you really want those six seconds to count, you should be careful about the way you are presenting the information. Designing a winning resume can be a difficult process because there is so much information to show in a smaller area.  Your security guard experience is great but you must highlight that experience or risk getting by-passed.  These tips can help you create a resume or update the existing one by keeping these points in mind.

Let’s start!

Best Tips to Build a Winning Resume

Here are some good tips that will help you in creating a professional resume for your security guard job. Have a look at them:

Keep Your Resume Short and Use Light-Colored Paper

Resume screening is the first stage in the hiring process. As you know, employers do not spend a lot of time reading a resume so it is better to keep it short. Try to tailor your resume to a single page. Add a short summary about you, your education, your work experience as a security guard, and your skills. Be precise and to the point.

While choosing a color scheme for your resume, you should keep in mind your target industry. For instance, if you are applying directly to more conservative companies for a security guard job, keep the color of your resume in tones of light-colored paper. Perhaps white or off white.  These colors give a more professional look to your resume. On the other hand, if you are applying directly to tech companies or the like, you may have more flexibility in terms of the color schemes for your resume. However, to be on the safe side, it is best to present a resume that appears as professional and serious as the security guard position itself. The industries may be more creative, but your position as a security guard is extremely serious and professional. Your resume should reflect the same.

Be Specific to the Job You are Applying

On your resume, it is important to mention similar work experience to the position you are seeking. If you were a bus driver, it is important to show how those skills can also be used as a security guard.  When you design your resume, keep the role you are applying for in mind. Apply your previous experience and skills to the skills and experience needed as a security guard. This will give the interviewer a clearer understanding of how you would be a great fit for the company.

Write as First Person but Avoid Pronouns

There are certain guidelines as to how you should write and word your resume. Some of those guidelines are the following:

  • The first person means you are writing your resume about yourself.
  • Write your resume without saying I (a pronoun, so is he and she, etc).
  • Don’t say I guarded the transfer of payroll.
  • Say, guarded the transfer of payroll every week.

Here’s an example a Security Guard might use:

  • More than 3 years of experience working as a security guard.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of all security guard duties and orders.
  • Physically fit enough to walk around for long periods.
  • Respond effectively to medical situations, fire emergencies, and bomb threats.

Notice there is no use of the pronouns (I, he or she, etc.). The above example is not complete because each description should contain more detailed information. The information will tell you what you did, how much or how often and what you used to complete the task.

In an upcoming post, we will cover every aspect of resume writing for Security Guards.


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